Subject Verb Agreement Rules

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Which type of nouns that are plural in form but singular in meaning agree with singular verbs?

Nouns with two parts

What is the verb agreement for a compound subject or a series of subjects joined by 'and'?

Always plural verb form

Which type of nouns typically take singular verbs among the collective nouns?


How do units of measurements, amount of money, period of time, and distance take verbs?

Singular verbs

Which type of indefinite pronouns typically take plural verbs?

Some, few, majority

What is the verb agreement for titles of books, movies, novels, etc?

Singular verbs always

Study Notes

Verb Agreement with Special Nouns

  • Nouns that are plural in form but singular in meaning, such as news, physics, and measles, agree with singular verbs.

Verb Agreement with Compound Subjects

  • Compound subjects or a series of subjects joined by 'and' typically take plural verbs, but if the subjects are considered a single unit, a singular verb is used.

Collective Nouns

  • Most collective nouns, such as family, team, and committee, typically take singular verbs.

Units of Measurement and Amounts

  • Units of measurement, amount of money, period of time, and distance take singular verbs, unless they are used to express a fraction or a multiple.

Indefinite Pronouns

  • Indefinite pronouns, such as both, few, many, and several, typically take plural verbs.

Titles of Works

  • Titles of books, movies, novels, and other works of art take singular verbs, even if they are plural in form.

Test your knowledge on subject-verb agreement rules including singular and plural nouns, compound subjects, and agreement despite intervening words. Learn when to use singular or plural verbs based on the grammatical context.

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