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What is the function of stage directions, sets & props in drama?

Create the setting and atmosphere of the play

In the context of literature genres, what is a common characteristic of farce?

Characterized by broad humor and absurdity

How does figurative language and symbols contribute to the overall impact of plays?

Conveys themes and deeper meanings

What is the significance of the dead canary, broken birdcage, and messy sewing in the play?

They reveal clues to Mrs. Wright's motivation for murdering her husband.

How do the men and women differ in their perspectives regarding the 'trifles' in 'Trifles'?

The men overlook the 'trifles' while the women recognize their importance.

Why is it ironic that the women solve the crime instead of their husbands, one of whom is a sheriff?

Because it defies gender norms and societal expectations of that time period.

How is a play's tone primarily conveyed?

Through stage directions

Which type of irony occurs when what happens is the opposite of what the characters and audience expect?

Situational irony

What is the purpose of a monologue in a play?

To reveal character's thoughts and emotions

What is the main function of verbal irony in literature?

To reveal hidden meanings to the audience

Test your knowledge on the significance of figurative language, imagery, and themes in plays. Learn how various stylistic choices enrich the language and interpretation of plays, including monologues. Enhance your understanding of plays by analyzing the effect of imagery, figures of speech, and themes.

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