Structuralism in Mythology

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What punishment does Jupiter decide to inflict upon humanity for its wickedness?


Which deity commands the rivers to unleash their strength during the flood?


Where do Deucalion and Pyrrha seek refuge after surviving the flood?

Mountain Parnassus

Who advises Deucalion and Pyrrha to throw the bones of the great mother behind their backs?


What miraculous event occurs when Deucalion and Pyrrha throw stones behind their backs as instructed by Themis?

The stones transform into humans

Which deity helps Jupiter calm the sea after the flood?


Who was condemned to hold the heavens on his head and hands as punishment for supporting the Titans in the Titanomachy?


Which mythical battle is depicted in the sculptures decorating the Altar of Zeus?


Who was punished by Zeus for his arrogance by being struck down into Erebus?


Who was bound by Zeus with unbreakable chains and had his liver eaten daily by an eagle?


What deceptive trick did Prometheus attempt during a dispute between gods and mortals?

Dividing an ox and offering rich meat to one group

According to Walter Burkert, what is necessary to discover the structure of traditional tales?

Cultural and historical dimensions

What is the primary focus of Joseph Campbell's work in comparative mythology?

Diverse mythologies

In the feminist approach to interpreting myths, what aspect is emphasized?

Psychological and social situations of female characters

How are myths not limited in their expression?

They can be danced, painted, or enacted

What does Walter Burkert believe about classical myths?

They have historical dimensions with successive layers of development

What defines the identity of a traditional tale?

A structure of sense within the tale itself

What gift did Zeus devise as a bane for humanity?

A jar (box)

Who is depicted as the archetype of the culture god or hero responsible for all arts and sciences?


According to Hesiod, what does Pandora, as the first woman, symbolize?


What was trapped inside Pandora's jar after she released all the evils?


Who is responsible for the release of sorrows, troubles, and diseases to humanity according to the text?


In the myth of AGES OF MANKIND, who is responsible for both men and women being created and both being held accountable for evil?


What is the significance of nectar and ambrosia in Greek mythology?

Nectar and ambrosia were the food and drink of the gods

How did ancient Greeks typically show reverence to the gods at temples?

By performing quick splashes of wine on the ground as libations

What was the purpose of constructing temples with statues of gods?

To serve as residences for the gods and goddesses

What was a common practice during sacrifices to the gods in ancient Greece?

Ritually killing animals and roasting their bodies at the altar

How did ancient Greeks believe gods sustained themselves?

By nourishing on nectar and ambrosia instead of human food

What was the purpose of pouring libation as an offering to the gods?

To offer a quick splash of wine to the gods as a gift

Explore the concept of structuralism in mythology and how it provides a rational system for understanding and organizing the study of myths, with a focus on classical tales and their historical dimensions.

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