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Which type of ecosystem is characterized by being devoid of trees and covered with snow for most of the year?

Tundra Ecosystem

Where are tundra ecosystems typically found?

In cold climates or mountain tops

Which type of ecosystem can be classified into freshwater, brackish, and marine ecosystems?

Aquatic Ecosystem

What abiotic features are important in aquatic ecosystems?

Salinity, oxygen content, and rate of flow

Which ecosystems provide human beings with goods like fish and crustaceans for food?

Aquatic Ecosystem

What determines the characteristics of the bed of an aquatic ecosystem?

Type of rocks present

Which type of ecosystem can be classified as stagnant or running water ecosystems?

Aquatic Ecosystem

Which ecosystem is characterized by regions with very little rainfall?

Desert Ecosystem

What do aquatic ecosystems provide human beings with?

Fish and crustaceans for food

Which ecosystem is found in cold climates or mountain tops?

Tundra Ecosystem

Test your knowledge about the ecosystem of streams and rivers, where plants use Carbon from CO2 for growth, releasing Oxygen for aquatic animals. Learn about the adaptation of different species to various flow rates in flowing water ecosystems.

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