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What is the main function of stomata in a leaf?

Allowing carbon dioxide (CO2) to enter and oxygen (O2) to leave the leaf

Where are the guard cells located in a leaf?

On the underside of the leaf

What is the main function of spongy mesophyll in a leaf?

Absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) and releasing oxygen (O2)

What is the function of root hair cells in a plant?

Providing a large surface area for the absorption of water and minerals

How do root hair cells absorb water and minerals?

By osmosis, from a high soil concentration to a low cell concentration

What is the role of the root cap in a growing plant?

Protecting the root as it grows through the soil

Which part of a leaf has air spaces and facilitates gas exchange?

Spongy mesophyll

What do guard cells do in response to changes in environmental conditions?

Change their shape to open or close the stomata

What is the primary function of the epidermis in plant roots?

Covering the rest of the root

Test your knowledge about stomata and spongy mesophyll, including their structure, function, and role in gas exchange in leaves. Learn about the location of stomata, the role of guard cells, and the function of spongy mesophyll in the leaf.

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