STEMI Alert Criteria and Guidelines

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When should a STEMI Alert be called?

When a patient meets the STEMI Alert criteria and none of the exclusion criteria

What is one of the criteria for declaring a STEMI Alert?

Patient has new or presumably new ST segment elevation > 1 mm in two anatomically contiguous leads

What should be done as soon as possible after declaring a STEMI Alert?

Transmit a 12-lead ECG

What is a cause for exclusion from a STEMI Alert?

Being asymptomatic for an acute coronary syndrome event

What information should be included when notifying the transport hospital during a STEMI Alert?

Transport radio report with patient condition information

Why is it important to transmit the patient's name with the 12-lead ECG during a STEMI Alert?

To confirm the patient's identity

Learn about the criteria and guidelines for declaring a STEMI Alert and initiating patient transport based on COG transport guideline. Understand the purpose and application of STEMI Alert criteria developed in conjunction with Regional Mission Lifeline initiative.

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