Steam Bending Wood Techniques

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What type of lumber is necessary to avoid breaks when steam bending wood?

What is the recommended soaking time for wood before steaming to improve results?

What is used to keep the entire board in compression during the bend when steam bending wood?

How long should wood be worked once removed from the steamer when steam bending?

What type of lumber is difficult to steam bend due to dried fiber connections?


  • Spent weeks trying to steam bend wood using a steam box
  • Vertical grain lumber is necessary to avoid breaks
  • Thinner material easier to bend and more successful
  • Longer steaming time (2 hours) required for proper steam penetration
  • Pre-soaking wood before steaming improves results
  • Steel band keeps entire board in compression during bend
  • Thirty seconds to work once wood is removed from steamer
  • Kiln dried lumber difficult to steam due to dried fiber connections
  • Fabric conditioner rejuvenates fiber connections in kiln dried lumber
  • Freshly cut green lumber or air dried lumber ideal for steam bending
  • Clear grains essential to prevent breaks
  • Properly prepared wood has to be bent quickly to avoid drying out
  • Clamps used to hold the bent wood in place after removal from form
  • Unclear how long to leave braced for optimal results.


Learn important techniques and considerations for steam bending wood, such as using vertical grain lumber, pre-soaking the wood, and the use of clamps for holding the bent wood in place.

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