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Which of the following best describes liquids according to the text?

Objects that can change shape depending on the container and have weight

What are the three forms of matter mentioned in the text?

Solid, liquid, and air

What are some characteristics of solids as mentioned in the text?

They have shape, color, texture, and size

What determines how solid, liquid, and gas fill up space?

Their size and shape

Which characteristic is unique to solids according to the text?

They have color and texture

What distinguishes liquids from solids as mentioned in the text?

Liquids change shape depending on the container

What is a characteristic of gas according to the text?

It has weight and occupies space

Why does matter come in different sizes and shapes according to the text?

Due to its form as solid, liquid, or gas

Everything around us is ______


Matter is anything that has weight and takes up ______


Matter comes in three forms: solid, ______, and gas


Solids are objects that we can ______ and see


Gas has no shape or ______


Test your knowledge about the different forms of matter - solid, liquid, and gas. Explore why matter comes in different shapes and sizes and how these forms fill up space differently. Learn about the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases.

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