Stakeholders in Business Organizations Theory

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What is the term used to describe the strongest action a company can choose to behave ethically in a given situation?

ethical maximum

What system limits greenhouse gas emissions by companies while allowing them to buy and sell pollution allowances?

cap and trade

In the context of business ethics, what is the term for the least a company might do to claim it holds an ethically positive position?

ethical minimum

What 2010 Supreme Court ruling favored unlimited spending by individuals and corporations on political campaigns?

Citizens United

What concept refers to the long-term approach that aims to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs?


What term describes the process of deciding which stakeholders to focus on and in what sequence?

stakeholder prioritization

What is the legal doctrine that holds a corporation, separate from its owners, has some legal rights and responsibilities like natural persons?

corporate personhood

What is the term for the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds released by the consumption of fossil fuels?

carbon footprint

What legislation passed in 2002 mandates reporting transparency by businesses in areas ranging from finance to accounting?


What is the term for a system where those who discharge carbon into the air pay a fee or tax?

carbon tax

Explore the concept of stakeholders in business organizations, including diffused stakeholders and enabling stakeholders. Learn about the various interests and impacts of stakeholders on a company's decisions and functioning.

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