Building Construction Chapter 4

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What is the function of stairs in a building?

How are convenience stairs defined?

Where are scissor stairs often found?

What is the primary location of spiral stairs?

What is the minimum width of the run for circular stairs?

What is the defining characteristic of folding stairs?

What is the defining characteristic of straight run stairs?

Where are scissor stairs often found?

What is a defining feature of fire escapes?

What is the minimum requirement for smoke proof stair enclosures in more recent building codes?

What is the standard speed at which escalators are typically set?

What is a key requirement for stairs as a means of egress?

Which feature is characteristic of elevators?

What is the type of elevator that carries resources that may be bulky or heavy?

Which type of elevator uses a ram or piston with pressurized hydraulic fluid?

What is the purpose of dedicated elevator car use for firefighters?

What type of power supply may traction elevators operating at great heights require?

Which type of elevator motor directly aids in stopping the car at the correct floor during normal operations?

Where are dumbwaiters commonly used for transporting small items?

What type of elevator is most common in buildings over 6 stories?

What is the primary purpose of HVAC systems?

What is the minimum number of separate hoistways required for a building with 4 or more elevators?

What is the purpose of blind hoistways in tall buildings?

In tall buildings of reinforced concrete, how are elevator hoistway enclosures typically constructed?

What is the usual fire rating requirement for elevator hoistway enclosures in tall buildings?

What is the purpose of a compensated system in pressurized stairwells?

When does manual activation of smoke control mode typically occur?

What does an HVAC system operating in smoke control mode do?

What is the primary function of duct detectors in HVAC systems?

How is overpressure relief in a stairwell achieved?

At what voltage is high voltage electrical equipment defined?

What defines low voltage equipment?

What is the primary function of oil in oil-filled transformers?

What do older cooling oils in transformers contain that is hazardous and requires labeling?

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