Stack Data Structure Basics

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What is the most common use case of a tree data structure mentioned in the text?

Game development

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a graph as mentioned in the text?

Maximum flow representation

In the context of graphs, what does the 'radius' of a connected graph represent?

Minimum value of eccentricity from all vertices

What is considered the central point of a graph based on the text?

Vertex with minimum eccentricity

Which characteristic is used to determine the central point of a graph?


What type of problems are graphs used to solve, as mentioned in the text?

Challenging and complex programming problems

How are trees utilized in decision-making processes within machine learning, as per the text?

Efficiently represent flowcharts for data understanding

What is the primary role of a Domain Name Server (DNS) related to tree data structures?

Efficiently store and access IP addresses

Which data structure is commonly used in decision analysis, as mentioned in the text?


What is a Decision Tree primarily used for in machine learning, based on the text?

Efficient decision-making process

Learn the basics of the stack data structure, including its implementation through an array or linked list, Last In First Out operation, and how insertion and deletion are performed at one end. Explore the concept of stack overflow and various applications of the stack data structure.

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