St. Mira's College SYBCOM Banking & Finance Unit 2 Quiz

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Why did the Reserve Bank of India shift to higher denomination notes?

Which department of the RBI needed reforms according to the text?

What was one of the limitations the Reserve Bank faced in printing new currency?

What is a reason for the gradual shift towards higher denomination notes mentioned in the text?

What was one of the main aims of the Clean Note Policy mentioned in the text?

What is the purpose of the Currency Verification and Processing Systems (CVPS) mentioned in the text?

Why did RBI face a severe supply constraint of currency in the 1990s?

Which subsidiary of RBI was responsible for setting up modern printing presses for banknotes?

In which two Indian states were the modern printing presses for banknotes set up by BRBNMPL?

What makes BRBNMPL unique in the world of banknote printing according to the text?


Test your knowledge on the course material of Unit 2: Changing Role of Reserve Bank of India at St. Mira’s College for Girls, Pune. Explore topics such as Currency Management, Central Bank Independence, and Liquidity Management.

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