SS Lesson 11 Test: First Congress Divisions and Executive Departments

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What issue divided the first Congress as the nation launched the new government?

Whether to have a strong or limited national government and what to name the president.

What are the different executive departments, their jobs, and their heads?

Department of War: to defend the nation - Henry Knox, Treasury Department: to oversee nation’s finances - Alexander Hamilton, Department of State: Handle relations with other countries - Thomas Jefferson.

What was the most critical problem facing the government at that time?

The national treasury was empty, and the nation had no money.

What was the response to the excise tax imposed by Congress?

Many farmers argued that it made their whiskey too expensive and refused to pay for it.

What was Washington and Hamilton's response to the Whiskey Rebellion?

They sent 13,000 militia troops to crush the rebellion, seeing it as a threat to the authority of the national government.

What were the two threats to the nation's future that George Washington warned Americans about?

  1. Problems with other countries 2. Division due to excessive political party passion

What did Hamilton present to Congress that involved paying off war debts and establishing a national bank?

A plan to pay off all war debts and to establish a national bank

What were the Alien and Sedition Acts and how did Jefferson view them?

The acts lengthened citizenship wait time, allowed jailing/deportation of 'aliens', and criminalized sedition. Jefferson viewed it as an attack on his party.

How did Hamilton's and Jefferson's views on human nature differ?

Hamilton believed people are selfish, while Jefferson had faith in people's goodness, especially farmers

Contrast the ideal economies proposed by Hamilton and Jefferson.

Hamilton wanted to expand economy through banks, manufacturing, and trade. Jefferson preferred an agriculture-based economy.

Test your knowledge on the issues that divided the first Congress and the roles of different executive departments in the new government. Learn about the key figures like Henry Knox, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson.

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