SS Chapter 3: Challenges in Deciding What is Good for Society Quiz

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What is the main challenge faced by the government in deciding who to help first?

Limited resources

Which group would likely prioritize healthcare support over other forms of assistance?

Senior citizen with multiple health problems

Why does the government need to prioritize its spending?

Due to limited resources

Which individual is most likely to feel neglected by the allocation of Singapore's money in 2022?

Physically handicapped individual in his 20s who is unemployed

What common good principle is illustrated by the need to prioritize spending?

Serving the majority's interests

Why might a working parent with healthy young children prioritize family support over other forms of assistance?

To ensure family well-being

What is a key consideration when deciding between a direct or skirting route for the Cross-Island Line in Singapore?

The needs and interests of Singaporeans

In the context of the discussion between the opposing sides, what is a potential downside of choosing a direct route for the Cross-Island Line?

Higher costs of land acquisition

What could be a way to address the downsides associated with choosing a particular route for the Cross-Island Line?

Implementing mitigation measures

Why is understanding the needs and interests of Singaporeans important in making decisions about the Cross-Island Line route?

To prioritize the well-being of the population

Based on the discussion, what role does 'anticipating change and staying relevant' play in governance?

Adapting to evolving circumstances

What principle should be followed to govern well and fulfill government roles effectively, according to the text?

Having good leadership

What is the concept of 'common good' primarily focused on?

Benefiting all members of a community

In the context of decision-making for the common good, what is one reason why it might be challenging to plan something for a group of people?

Differing needs, interests, and priorities among individuals

Why is it essential to prioritize certain aspects when making decisions for the common good?

To prevent conflicts arising from differing needs and interests

In the context of decision-making, which factor hinders the planning process when trying to do something for a group of people?

Differences in needs and interests among individuals

What is a common challenge faced when trying to plan something for a group according to the text?

Differing needs and interests among group members

Which aspect plays a key role in making decisions that benefit all members of a community?

Prioritizing certain aspects based on community needs

Test your knowledge on the challenges of deciding what is good for society and the principles shaping governance. Explore the learning objectives covered in this chapter. Analyze quotes from PM Lee Hsien Loong regarding community strengthening and working for the common good.

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