Sruli Recht: Designer and Artist Profile

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10 Questions

Where did Sruli Recht study Fashion Design?

In which country was Sruli Recht born?

Where did Sruli Recht work with designer Alexander McQueen?

What materials are controversially used by Sruli Recht in his work?

Which of the following is an example of Sruli Recht's controversial work?

Wat is het doel van recht volgens de tekst?

Welke van de volgende is een bron van recht volgens de tekst?

Wat betekent 'rechtszekerheid' volgens de tekst?

Wat wordt bedoeld met 'het afdwingbare karakter van recht' volgens de tekst?

Wat symboliseert Vrouwe Justitia (Themis) volgens de tekst?


Learn about the life and career of Sruli Recht, a renowned designer and artist based in Reykjavík, Iceland. Explore his background, education, and notable contributions to the world of fashion and design.

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