SQL Server vs SAP HANA: A Comparison

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Which database system supports XML?


When it comes to APIs and other access methods, which database system uses OLE DB, Tabular Data Stream (TDS), ADO.NET, and JDBC?

SQL Server

Which database system uses SQLScript and R for server-side scripting?


In terms of SQL support, which system uses Transact SQL and .NET languages?

SQL Server

Which database system provides methods for redundantly storing data on multiple nodes?

SQL Server

When it comes to the handling of empty date fields, which system uses the value '1900-01-01 00:00:00'?

SQL Server

Explore the differences between SQL Server and SAP HANA in terms of server OS support, XML support, developer options, website, initial release year, APIs, SQL support, server-side scripting, and data redundancy methods.

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