Spring 2024 POL101: Political Science Lecture 1 Quiz

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What is one of the course objectives of studying Political Science?

To become an informed individual with critical civic awareness

Which component carries the highest weightage in the assessment criteria for the course?

Final Written Examination

What is NOT a part of the course's assessment components?

Final Oral Presentation

According to the course information, what is one way to articulate a personal position as an educated citizen?

By formulating intelligible opinions on contemporary political issues

What is emphasized in the course's pedagogy?

Understanding and critiquing political issues

What concept of education is being criticized in the text?

Narrative education

Which of the following is NOT a consequence of the Banking Concept of Education according to the text?

Fostering creativity and inquiry

What is the primary interest of the oppressors in the educational system described in the text?

Changing the consciousness of the oppressed

What does the text suggest is lacking in students educated under the Banking Concept of Education?

Creativity and inquiry

What do students become under the Banking Concept of Education?

Adaptable and manageable beings

Test your knowledge on the course overview, pedagogy, and definition of Political Science as discussed by Dr. Kazi Maruful Islam in the Department of Political Science and Sociology at North South University.

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