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Where was the Science Literature Festival 2023 organized?

In which city was the Ganga Pushkaralu Utsav organized?

Which city hosted the Science Literature Festival 2023?

At which location did the Ganga Pushkaralu Utsav take place?

After how many years did the Indian men's hockey team win a medal in Tokyo Olympics 2020?

Which Grand Slam is played first at the beginning of the year?

In which sport does an athlete perform 'Makke Baaji'?

Who won the women's singles title in the Australian Open Tennis Tournament?

What is the term for Javelin Throw in Hindi?

Which type of tournament is Wimbledon Open?

Who has recently been appointed as the Director General of the Indian Council of Forestry Research Education?

Catalin Kariko and Drew Weissman have been awarded the Nobel Prize 2023 in which of the following categories?

Who among the following has not been awarded the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics?

Which of the following individuals is not related to the field of forestry?

In which category was the Nobel Prize 2023 NOT awarded?

Who was not appointed as a Director General in the given context?


Test your knowledge of sports events like Discus Throw, Weightlifting, Javelin Throw, Boxing, Indian Men's Hockey team at Tokyo Olympics 2020, and Grand Slam tournaments. Answer questions related to sports competitions and championships.

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