Special Senses: Accessory Eye Structures, Ear Structures, and Equilibrium Organs

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What is the function of lacrimal caruncle?

To produce an oily secretion for lubrication

Which of the following is NOT an accessory eye structure?


Where do the ducts of ciliary glands open?

At the eyelash follicles

What is the function of tarsal glands?

To produce an oily secretion for lubrication

What is the main function of the conjunctiva?

To protect the eye from foreign particles

What is the purpose of the accommodation-convergence reflex in vision?

To adjust focus for near objects

What is the main function of the synkinesis described in the text?

Contraction of the ciliary muscle

During the convergence reflex, what happens to the position of the eyeballs as the object moves closer to the subject’s eyes?

The eyeball moves medially

Which extrinsic eye muscles control the movement of the eyes during the convergence reflex?

Rectus and oblique muscles

What visual result may occur if the extrinsic eye muscles are unable to function properly?

Convergence insufficiency

Why is it more of a strain on the extrinsic and intrinsic eye muscles to look at close objects than at far objects?

Accommodation is not required for distant vision

What is the main purpose of photopupillary reflex?

To constrict the pupils in response to dim light

What happens to the size of the pupil as a person focuses on a printed material?

The pupil constricts to reduce light rays

Test your knowledge on the accessory eye structures, ear structures, equilibrium organs, olfactory and taste receptors, and their functions in maintaining balance and sensory perception.

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