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Match the following English words with their Spanish translations:

Match the following English verbs with their Spanish translations:

Match the following English adjectives with their Spanish translations:


Description of Actions and Environment

  • The text describes various actions and movements such as blowing, clinging, dangling, feasting, gashing, heating, howling, humming, leaping, misting, plodding, settling, sliding, squeaking, steaming, sweating, swinging, wiping, withering, wondering, and being wondrous.
  • It mentions specific objects and entities like an axe, an edge, a feast, a gash, a hive, a heat, a hive, a hum, a lazy person, a mist, a rare occurrence, a troupe, a tree, and sweat.
  • The text highlights the concept of clinging, as well as the act of dangle, edge, feast, gash, heat, hive, and howling.
  • It describes the environment with words like misty, plodding, rare, settle, slid, soil, steamy, squeaky, and steamy.
  • The text mentions the action of wiping and wondering, as well as being wondrous.
  • It includes the concept of balance and swinging.
  • The text refers to the act of sliding and settling, as well as the feeling of laziness.
  • It mentions the presence of mist, sweat, and steam.
  • The text includes the sound of a hum.
  • It describes the action of cutting or chopping.
  • The text mentions the act of cleaning or erasing.
  • It includes the concept of withering and being rare.


Test your knowledge of Spanish vocabulary with this fun quiz! Can you match the Spanish words to their English translations? Challenge yourself and see how many words you can correctly identify!

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