Spanish Verb Conjugation Basics

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16 Questions

What is the function of a verb in a sentence?

What is the act of changing a verb so that it agrees with its subject called?

What is a non-conjugated verb known as?

Which of the following sentences demonstrates correct conjugation in English?

In what language might conjugating verbs not come naturally to native English speakers?

Which of the following sentences demonstrates correct subject-verb agreement?

What are the three endings for Spanish infinitives?

Which of the following is NOT a basic tense in English and Spanish?

What is the stem of the Spanish verb 'hablar' (to speak)?

Which subject pronoun corresponds to the form 'nosotros' in Spanish?

What ending is added to the stem of an '-ar' verb for the 'yo' form in Spanish present tense?

Which chart should be used for conjugating an '-er' verb in Spanish present tense?

What is the infinitive meaning 'to draw' in Spanish?

What do Spanish verbs ending in '-ir' have in common?

Which of the following is not a subject pronoun in Spanish?

'Hablamos' in Spanish translates to which of the following in English?


Learn the basics of conjugating verbs in Spanish with this quiz. Understand the role of verbs in sentences and how they convey actions or states of being. Practice identifying and conjugating verbs in different contexts.

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