Space Exploration and Biogas Introduction

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What is the primary use of liquid hydrogen in space exploration?

As rocket fuel in combination with liquid oxygen

When did India and China start developing small-scale biogas digesters for farmers?


Who identified methane as the flammable gas produced during the decomposition of organic matter?

John Dalton

What prompted renewed interest in biogas systems in the early 21st Century?

Rising fossil fuel prices

Which century saw the establishment of the first significant anaerobic digestion plant in Bombay?


Why is liquid hydrogen utilized in combination with liquid oxygen for launch vehicles?

As rocket fuel for launch vehicles

What are the main components of biomass found in wood, crop residues, and organic waste?

Cellulose, Hemicellulose, Lignin

Which method is NOT a thermochemical conversion process used for biomass?


What is the primary source of energy for activities like cooking and space heating in many parts of the world?

Wood and agricultural products

Which of the following is NOT a synonym for biomass briquettes?

Energy bricks

What type of energy applications can be achieved by utilizing biomass?

Renewable energy and waste reduction

Algae mainly consist of which components useful for energy production?

Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins

What is the heating value of a briquette made from pure charcoal particles?

24.9 MJ/kg

Which organic material is NOT commonly used in biomass briquettes?

Plastic waste

What is the ash content of a briquette made from pure charcoal particles?


What are the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen contents of a briquette made from pure charcoal particles?

Carbon: 49.5%, Hydrogen: 5.1%, Oxygen: 40.2%

Which type of waste was NOT mentioned as a source for biomass briquettes?

Paper waste

What is the purpose of industrial briquetting machines?

To create compact and sustainable fuel sources

Learn about the utilization of liquid hydrogen as rocket fuel in space exploration and the importance of biogas as a renewable energy source derived from organic matter. Explore the historical background of biogas and its role in sustainable energy production, waste management, and environmental conservation.

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