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What is the CONMEBOL Copa América?

Which country has won the most Copa América tournaments?

When was the first international competition among national teams of South America held?

How many teams participate in the current Copa América tournament?

Which two countries have won the most championships in the CONMEBOL Copa América?

Which country is the only non-CONMEBOL country to host the CONMEBOL Copa América?

Who is the all-time leading scorer in the Copa América tournament?

When was the current Copa América trophy purchased?

Which countries have not won the CONMEBOL Copa América yet?


South American Association Football Tournament: Key Facts

  • The CONMEBOL Copa América is the top men's football tournament for national teams in South America.

  • It is the oldest still-running continental football competition and the third most watched in the world.

  • The tournament determines the champions of South America and features teams from North America and Asia since the 1990s.

  • The tournament has generally featured 12 teams since 1993, with all 10 CONMEBOL teams and two additional teams from other confederations.

  • Mexico participated in every tournament between 1993 and 2016, with one additional team drawn from CONCACAF, except for 1999 and 2019.

  • Eight of the ten CONMEBOL national teams have won the tournament at least once, with only Ecuador and Venezuela yet to win.

  • Argentina and Uruguay have the most championships in the tournament's history, with 15 cups each.

  • The United States is the only non-CONMEBOL country to host the event, having done so in 2016.

  • The first international competition among national teams of the continent occurred in 1910 when Argentina organized an event to commemorate the centenary of the May Revolution.

  • The tournament was not played on a regular basis, and many editions would be deemed unofficial, only to be considered valid later on by CONMEBOL.

  • From 1987 until 2001, the event was hosted every two years in rotation by the ten members of the confederation.

  • The current final tournament features 12 national teams competing over a month in the host nation, with two phases: the group stage followed by the knockout stage.Copa América: Overview, Invitees, Trophies, and Records

  • Copa América is the oldest international football tournament, and it is contested among the national teams of South America.

  • The tournament has been held since 1916, with Uruguay winning the inaugural edition.

  • The tournament has ten South American teams, with two invited teams from other confederations, usually from CONCACAF, to make up the 12 teams necessary for the current tournament format.

  • Nine nations have received invitations, including Costa Rica, Honduras, Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, Haiti, Panama, the United States, and Qatar.

  • The United States was invited to every tournament between 1997 and 2007 but frequently turned down the invitation due to scheduling conflicts with Major League Soccer.

  • The Copa América trophy, which is awarded to the winners of the tournament, was donated to the Association by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Ernesto Bosch, in 1910.

  • The current Copa América trophy was purchased in 1916 from "Casa Escasany," a jewelry shop in Buenos Aires, at the cost of 3,000 Swiss francs.

  • The Copa América trophy is a 9 kg (20 lb) weight and 77 cm (30 in) tall silver ornament, with a 3-level wooden base which contains several plaques.

  • In April 2016, a commemorative trophy was introduced at the Colombian Football Federation headquarters of Bogotá to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the competition.

  • Apart from the main trophy, the "Copa Bolivia" (a small trophy made in silver) has been awarded to the runner-up of the competition since the 1997 edition.

  • Uruguay has won the tournament the most times (15), followed by Argentina (14), and Brazil (9).

  • Lionel Messi is the all-time leading scorer in the tournament (13 goals), and Norberto Mendez holds the record for the most goals scored in a single tournament (17 in 1942).

  • There are currently five post-tournament awards: the Golden Ball for the best player, the Golden Boot for the top scorer, the Golden Glove for the best goalkeeper, the Best Young Player Award, and the Fair Play Award.


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