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According to the text, which of the following is an example of an unwritten source of law?


In the Common Law system, what is considered a legal source of law?

Courts' decisions

Which type of source of law is considered the highest in the hierarchy according to the text?


What is the 'Doctrine' referred to in the text?

The origins of legislation based on what professors, experts, and technicians say

Which system has its origin in the middle ages in England with a single royal court set up at Westminster?

Common Law system

Study Notes

Sources of Law

  • Unwritten sources of law include customs, general principles of law, and judgments of courts.
  • Legal sources of law in the Common Law system include legislation, judicial decisions, and customs.

Hierarchy of Sources of Law

  • The highest source of law in the hierarchy is legislation.

The Doctrine of Judicial Precedent

  • The Doctrine referred to is the Doctrine of Judicial Precedent, which is a principle that requires lower courts to follow the decisions of higher courts.

Origins of the Common Law System

  • The Common Law system originated in the Middle Ages in England with a single royal court set up at Westminster.

Test your knowledge of the sources of law, including rules, doctrines, and types of sources such as acts and facts that can produce law. Explore the origins of legislation and the criteria for written sources of law.

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