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Can sound travel through a vacuum?

No, it cannot

What is one way to demonstrate that sound can travel through liquids?

Shaking a bell in water

How can you hear sound through a long metal rod?

By scratching the rod with a metal object

What is the purpose of asking friends around you if they can hear the same sound?

To confirm if sound can travel through solids

What shape does the outer part of the ear resemble according to the text?


What could be a possible explanation for how whales and dolphins communicate underwater?

They emit high-frequency sounds that travel through water

What is the unit used to express frequency?


If an object oscillates 20 times in one second, what is its frequency?

20 Hz

Which property of a sound helps us differentiate between different sounds?


What can happen if a sharp object is inserted into the ear?

Reduced hearing

Which term describes the to and fro motion of an object?


What is the symbol used to represent frequency?


Which medium(s) can sound travel through?

Solids, liquids, and gases

Which individual is likely to have the minimum frequency in their voice?

A woman

True or False: Sound cannot travel in a vacuum.


Which of the following statements is true about the audible range for human ears?

20 Hz to 20,000 Hz

What determines the loudness of sound?

Amplitude of vibration

What is the term used for unwanted sound?

Noise pollution

Test your knowledge on whether sound can travel through liquids by exploring an experiment with placing your ear on the water surface and listening for the sound of a bell. Discover how sound travels through liquids and its implications for communication underwater.

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