Sonnet 116

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According to Sonnet 116, what is love not?

What is the central theme of Sonnet 116?

What does Sonnet 116 describe as an 'ever-fixed mark'?

How does Sonnet 116 characterize love's relationship with time?

What is the speaker's attitude towards the possibility of error in Sonnet 116?

According to Sonnet 116, love is not love if it

Sonnet 116 describes love as a

What does Sonnet 116 suggest about the nature of love?

What does Sonnet 116 compare love to?

What is the speaker's perspective on the possibility of error in Sonnet 116?


Test your knowledge of Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare. Explore the themes of love, constancy, and the power of true minds in this iconic sonnet.

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