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What is the function of the 'pinna' in the human ear?

Collect sound from the surroundings

Which part of the ear is responsible for amplifying vibrations?

Hammer, anvil, and stirrup

What happens when a compression of the medium reaches the eardrum?

The eardrum vibrates

Which part of the ear turns pressure variations into electrical signals?


What transmits the amplified pressure variations from the middle ear to the inner ear?

Auditory nerve

What is the function of the three bones (hammer, anvil, stirrup) in the middle ear?

Amplify sound vibrations

What is the speed of sound in sea water as mentioned in the text?

1531 m/s

How deep is the sea if the distance of the seabed from the ship is 2.62 km?

2618 m

What is the time taken for the sonar pulse to return from the underwater cliff?

1.02 s

How do bats search out prey and fly in dark night?

By using echolocation

What allows us to convert pressure variations in air with audible frequencies into electric signals for hearing?

Outer ear structure

Besides bats, what other marine animals use ultrasound for navigation and food location?


This quiz involves calculating the distance of an underwater cliff using sonar pulse information. Given the speed of sound in salt water and the time taken for the pulse to return, participants must determine the distance of the cliff from the submarine.

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