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What is the solution to the equation 3k + 10 = 0?

k = -10/3

What are the solutions to the equation (4m + 2)(3m - 9) = 0?

m = -1/2 or m = 3

In the equation 3k + 10 = 0, what is the value of k if the equation is multiplied by -1?

k = -10/3

For the equation (4m + 2)(3m - 9) = 0, what is the value of m if the second factor is equal to zero?

m = -3

Which skill involves talking about food tastes?

Using simple adjectives to describe food tastes

Which activity is associated with using he/she is and where is?

Talking and naming rooms in a house

What does the skill 'Recognize and produce some English consonant blends' involve?

Recognizing and producing English consonant blends

Which skill requires the use of simple adjectives to describe daily activities?

Using simple adjectives to describe nature

What does the skill 'Write missing letters by using consonants blends' involve?

Writing missing letters by using consonants blends

Which skill involves asking and answering about feelings?

Asking and answering about feelings

Practice solving the following equations: 3x + 10 = 0 and (4m + 2)(3m - 9) = 0. Test your equation-solving skills with this exercise.

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