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What is the device that converts light energy into electric energy to power houses and charge devices?

Solar panels

Which type of energy is converted into electricity when batteries power remote-controlled cars or drones?

Chemical energy

What type of energy is used when Mars rover curiosity starts to move?

Kinetic energy

What process must be done when the batteries in the devices are exhausted or run out of charge?

Recharge them using solar panels

What is the primary source of power for the Mars rover curiosity to recharge its batteries?

Solar energy

What is the initial source of energy for the energy chain of a hair dryer?


What form of energy is mainly responsible for heating water or cooking food when burning wood?

Chemical energy

From where does the electrical energy powering a hair dryer ultimately originate?


Test your knowledge about the conversion of solar energy into various forms of energy to power devices like cell phones and remote-controlled toys. Explore the process of converting light energy into electrical energy through solar panels and cells.

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