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What makes up 50% of the composition of soil?

Pore space

Which component of soil supplies nitrogen and other nutrients to plants?

Organic matter

What is a characteristic of deep soils that contributes to unrestricted plant growth?

Easier to cultivate

What does high organic matter content in soil often lead to?

Increased leaching

What does shallow soil typically lead to in terms of plant growth?

Increased lodging

What is one limitation caused by erosion as mentioned in the text?

Raising the water table

What is the composition of the subsoil layer?

Composed almost entirely of minerals

What type of rock can be classified as Residual Igneous in terms of soil formation?


Which factor influences soil formation by physical weathering?

Heating, cooling, freezing, and thawing

How do hillsides affect soil formation?

Erode easily causing thin top soils

What is the significance of the cover of vegetation and organisms in soil formation?

Affects decomposition processes

Which type of rock can be classified as Metamorphic in terms of soil formation?


What is the term used to describe the smallest soil particles?


Which term refers to a soil classification indicating the most intensive but safe land use?

Capability Class

What is the term used for the layer of unconsolidated material from which soil develops?

Parent Material

Which term refers to the horizon that consists of desirable proportions of plant nutrients and living organisms near the surface?


What term is used for soils transported by streams?

Alluvial Deposit

Which term describes the smallest soil particle size?


Test your knowledge on the importance of soil management in supporting plant growth, animal life, and human populations. Learn about how soil provides a media for seed germination, nutrients for plants, and a storehouse of water. Discover the significance of improved soil management in feeding a growing population.

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