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What is the general practice for buildings if the soil close to the ground surface has sufficient bearing capacity?

Use shallow foundations

Which method may prove more economical than deep foundations in some cases?

Sand and stone columns

Which technique involves the use of admixtures for soil improvement?

Use of geotextiles

Which method involves the injection of suitable grouts for improving soil at a construction site?

Use of admixtures

What method refers to the technique of removal and replacement for improving soil behavior?


What is the primary purpose of studying the optimum thickness of replacement layers and the most suitable material for soil improvement?

To minimize construction costs while improving soil bearing capacity and minimizing settlement

In what situation would pile or pier foundations be the obvious choice?

When the topsoil is loose or soft

In which category of soil improvement does precompression or preloading fall?

Soil improvement without admixtures

What is the main advantage of soil replacement over other techniques and deep foundation?

It requires less delay to construction

Why is the determination of the replacement soil thickness for soil replacement based on experience?

Because the region of high stress in a shallow foundation is only 1 to 1.5 its breadth

Which type of soil is precompression or preloading technique most effective in?

Clayey soil

What does soil replacement aim to achieve under shallow foundations?

Reduce consolidation settlement and increase soil bearing capacity

In the context of soil improvement, what is the primary purpose of precompression or preloading technique?

To minimize consolidation settlement before construction of the structure

What is the main reason for using precompression or preloading technique in clayey soils?

Due to low permeability of clayey soils

Why does clayey soil require a very long time for desired consolidation to occur even with very high surcharge load?

Because clayey soils have low permeability.

What does soil replacement aim to achieve under shallow foundations?

Reduce consolidation settlement and increase soil bearing capacity.

Test your knowledge of soil improvement techniques with this quiz covering topics such as shallow foundations, pile foundations, and pier foundations. Explore the methods used for transferring loads from superstructures to deeper firm strata.

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