Software Components for Reuse-Oriented Processes

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What is the purpose of the 'Review and demo' step in Agile methodology?

To demonstrate completed work to the customer for feedback

In Extreme Programming (XP), what is emphasized during the 'Retrospect' phase?

Reflecting on the sprint, discussing successes, challenges, and areas for improvement

How does Agile differ from the Waterfall approach in terms of system development?

Agile emphasizes ongoing improvement through reflection and adjustments

What is a key feature of Lean methodology in software development?

Eliminating waste and optimizing efficiency

During which step of the Agile process is the team supposed to address issues?

'Execute the sprint'

What is a characteristic of Kanban methodology in software development?

Using visual boards to manage work in progress

What activity is conducted after each unit is tested in Waterfall approach system development?

Checking the entire system for faults and failures

Which Agile principle focuses on adjusting processes, tools, and communication for continuous improvement?

'Continuously improve'

'Integration and Testing' is a phase in which software development methodology?


'Execution of the sprint' in Agile involves monitoring progress through:

'Daily check-ins'

Explore the types of software components commonly used in a reuse-oriented process, including web services, object collections, and standalone software systems. Learn about their characteristics and how they can benefit development projects.

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