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What is the main focus of sociology as described in the text?

Human social behavior and activities

How is rehabilitation defined in the text?

Optimizing functioning and reducing disability

What does rehabilitation psychology aim to do according to the text?

Help individuals reach their optimal level of independent functioning

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a role of rehabilitation in the text?

Enhancing physical appearance

What distinguishes sociology from physical science?

Focus on human social behavior

In what way does rehabilitation psychology support individuals according to the text?

By addressing underlying conditions like pain

What is the main goal of psychosocial rehabilitation?

To teach emotional, cognitive, and social skills for independent community living

What does the term 'psychosocial rehabilitation' refer to?

Non-pharmaceutical interventions to help recover from severe mental illness

How are psychosocial rehabilitation approaches typically carried out?

Via collaborative, person-directed, and individualized methods

In psychosocial rehabilitation, who sets the goals for the individual undergoing treatment?

The client themselves

What do rehabilitation psychologists focus on when treating individuals with mental illness?

Assessing and treating cognitive, emotional, and functional difficulties

How do psychosocial rehabilitation approaches aim to help individuals with mental illness?

By teaching skills for independent living and accessing community resources

Prepare for your Semester 8 Sociology final exam with this study material. Explore concepts related to human social behavior, social activities, and social life. Understand how sociology is a social science distinct from physical sciences like history, political science, and economics.

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