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What is the main difference between acculturation and assimilation?

Acculturation involves exchange of cultures among distinct groups, while assimilation involves absorbing a cultural minority into a dominant culture.

How do social networks differ from social groups?

Social networks are webs of social connections providing support, while social groups involve more than two people interacting.

What is the role of social control in society?

Regulating certain behavior by the society

What is the significance of conforming to rules in society?

Maintaining order and harmony in society

How does strain theory explain the concept of deviance?

Deviant people are a product of pressures to fit in society, and attempts to fit in are met by obstacles in the environment.

Test your knowledge on various societal concepts such as status, roles, networks, social control, socialization, and social groups. Explore topics like acculturation and the dynamics of human interactions.

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