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Explain the difference between primary (family) and secondary (media, schooling) socialisation

Describe gender and compare social learning, cognitive development and biology-based ______ of gender role formation

Describe group social ______, with reference to compliance, identification and internalisation

Deduce how status and power operate in groups, with reference to the Stanford Prison ______ (Haney, Banks & Zimbardo 1973)

Predict how ______, conformity and social norms (Robert Cialdini et al. 2006) lead to behaviour change

Match the following researchers with their respective social psychological studies:

Match the following concepts with their descriptions:

Match the following theories with their explanations:

Match the following terms with their meanings:

Match the following socialization agents with their roles:


Test your knowledge of social psychology with this quiz covering topics such as primary and secondary socialization, gender role formation theories, group social influence, compliance, identification, and internalization. Get ready to deepen your understanding of how individuals are shaped by their social environment and interactions.

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