Social Psychology Lecture 1: Introduction

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According to the passage, what does a good theory in social psychology need to do?

Both a and b

What is the purpose of social-psychological theorizing according to the passage?

To explain the causes of social behavior in terms of one or more social psychological processes

Which theoretical perspective in psychology is focused on observable behavior and reinforcement schedules?


What is the purpose of a metatheory according to the passage?

To determine which theories or types of theory are appropriate

Which theoretical perspective in psychology is focused on how people perceive and explain their social environment?

Cognitive psychology

What is the relationship between sociology and social anthropology according to the passage?

Sociology + social anthropology = social sciences

What is the primary focus of social psychology according to the text?

How people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by others

What are the two main components of social psychology?

Social cognitive processes and social relations between people

Which of the following statements best represents Darley's perspective on bystander behavior?

People care more about what their group is doing than helping victims

Which of the following disciplines is NOT mentioned as being related to social psychology?


What is the focus of social anthropology?

Historically focused on studying 'exotic' societies

Which of the following is NOT listed as a field related to social psychology within psychology?

Personality psychology

Explore the fundamental concepts of social psychology in this introductory lecture. Learn about the influence of social factors on people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as the concept of social cognition. Delve into the study of how individuals are influenced by the presence or actions of others.

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