Social Psychology Chapter 1 Summary and Key Terms

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What is the definition of social psychology?

How do social psychologists approach the understanding of social influence?

What is the goal of the science of social psychology?

How do some social psychologists attempt to explain social behavior?

What is the fundamental attribution error?

According to social psychologists, what is the level of analysis for social psychology?

What does the term 'construal' refer to in social psychology?

How do social psychologists explain social behavior?

What are the two basic human motives that shape an individual's construal of a situation?

What do social psychologists contend with due to the fundamental attribution error?


Test your understanding of social psychology Chapter 1 with a summary of learning objectives and key terms. Listen to the audio and assess your knowledge of defining social psychology, distinguishing it from other disciplines, and understanding how the social environment shapes thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

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