Social Power and Obedience Quiz

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What is the fundamental concept in social science?

What does social power refer to?

Who conducted laboratory studies of obedience to authority mentioned in the text?

What was Stanley Milgram certain about regarding the participants in his studies?

What did the text reveal about participants in Milgram's studies when faced with the pressure of the experimenter's power?

What was the purpose of adding additional cues in Milgram's subsequent studies?

What effect did moving the learner into the same room as the teacher have on obedience?

Why did Milgram move the study away from prestigious Yale University?

Why did Milgram study obedience instead of conformity?

What signs of nervousness and tension did many subjects display in the experimental situation?


Test your knowledge of power dynamics and obedience to authority in social interactions with this quiz. Explore the concept of power and its influence on human behavior in various situations.

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