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According to him, our reality is rooted in society and learning

is needed in order for us to articulate this reality

also considered as the primary vehicle in understanding ourselves.

This is Salazar's perspective

self-subsisted ideological circle consisting of active subjects

-from-us-for-us perspective -any social collectivity which possesses a relatively unified and internally articulated linguistic-cultural structure of communication and interaction and/or a sense of oneness of purpose and existence.

makes use of dynamic dualism, or a pairing of concepts, in order to understand the Filipino personality

He likened the body to a banga

a container which has a labas, loob, and lalim.

includes the biological and natural aspects of culture


Test your knowledge on the concept that our reality is shaped by society and learning according to a notable figure. Explore how our understanding of the world is influenced by social interactions and cultural norms.

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