Soccer Team Superstition

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10 Questions

What was the initial superstition that our soccer team started with?

Who was the team captain that initiated the superstition?

What additional element did Debbie add to the pregame ritual?

What did Gabriella announce that she had written for the team?

What was the reason behind adding poetry to the team's superstition?

What was the outcome of the game that would take the team into the playoffs?

What did the protagonist do before the crucial game that made them feel nervous?

What did the protagonist worry might happen if the team knew about not following part of the ritual?

What was the effect of not following part of the ritual on the protagonist during the game?

Why did the protagonist quit the team before the next season?


Test your knowledge of the superstition surrounding a soccer team's performance improvement and the use of peanut butter sandwiches. Explore the impact of superstitions on sports teams.

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