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What is the name of the volunteer group set up by Liu Siyuan?


How many chapters are included in the 300-page book May I Show You How to Use Smartphones?

10 chapters

What is the main topic at the top of the list for the old people's concerns about mobile phones?

How to use WeChat

How many copies of the 300-page book were printed out by the volunteer group?

500 copies

What will be the focus of the second book that the volunteer group plans to work on?

Hospital registration and photo editing

How long did the seven members of SilverHair spend writing the 300-page book?

Around half a year

Test your knowledge of smartphone usage with this quiz inspired by the initiative of 16-year-old Liu Siyuan. See if you can answer questions based on the guidebook created by SilverHair, a volunteer group dedicated to teaching the elderly how to use mobile phones.

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