Smart Wearable Devices for Health Care in Physical Therapy - ELE 303

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What is the main focus of the text?

What is the key element required to choose a rehabilitation strategy according to the text?

What is one of the objectives of the text?

How do wearable devices complement the information gathered by rehabilitation personnel?

What do recent advances in wearable technology provide for rehabilitation interventions?

What do wearable devices help to clarify?

What type of information can wearable sensors capture in home and community settings?

What physiological data can unobtrusive sensors monitor in patients?

What is the main focus of wearable biosensors?

What type of information can wearable biosensors provide through continuous monitoring?

In what ways are wearable biosensors different from existing devices?

What was the first implantable medical device developed for?

What has allowed implantable systems to be deployed in the deep brain and intra cardiac area in recent years?

What enables wearable devices to operate as a 'microcomputer'?

What is the focus of skin-attachable electronic devices?

What are the devices mentioned as examples of industrial wearable technologies?


This quiz covers recent advances in wearable technology, its applications in rehabilitation, industrial wearable technology systems, categories of wearable devices, monitoring and assessment of wearable devices, and other related topics in the field of health care and physical therapy.

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