Smart Materials in Furniture Design Lecture 1

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Which type of modern raw materials is produced from renewable sources?

Bio Materials

What characterizes Recyclable Materials?

Made from crushing waste materials and recycling again

In what form are Non-variable Materials usually produced?

In the form of metal alloys

What is the defining characteristic of Semi – Smart Materials?

Affected by physical and chemical external influences only once

Which type of modern raw materials is made from waste materials with lower quality than the original raw materials used?

Recyclable Materials

What has been highlighted recently as one of the most important materials produced from renewable sources?

Bio Materials

What are smart materials characterized by?

Their ability to change their appearance or color when exposed to external influence

What are hybrid materials obtained by combining?

At least two different elements together

What are nanomaterials produced from?

Materials of nanoscale

What is the result of the interference of traditional materials with microelectronic systems?

Smart materials

What is a characteristic of smart materials regarding their response?

Immediacy (respond in real-time)

What is the main advantage of smart glass?

Control the environment in a new way and provide thermal insulation

What is the purpose of membranes of nanoparticles used in building facades?

Purify the outdoor air before it enters the building

What is a characteristic of smart glass in terms of visibility?

Ability to change the amount of visible light entering the window

What is a technological characteristic of smart materials?

The ability to change to suit the surrounding conditions

What is a type of smart material that gradually changes color in sunlight?

Color glass

Explore the types of modern raw materials used in furniture design, including recyclable materials and bio materials. Learn about the manufacturing processes and qualities of these materials in the context of the Faculty of Applied Arts Furniture Design & Sciences Program.

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