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Oval, one-side flattened with intense itching and inflammation in anal/vaginal area

Enterobius vermicularis

Barrel, football; hyaline polar plug at each end

Trichuris trichiura

May be corticated or decorticated in unfertilized and fertilized egg

Ascaris lumbricoides

Long buccal cavity, small genital primordium

Hookworm rhabtidi form

Short esophagus, pointed tail

Hookworm filariform

Short buccal cavity, prominent genital primordium

Strongyloides stercoralis rhabtidiform

Long esophagus, notched tail

Strongyloides stercoralis filariform

Study Notes

Morphological Characteristics of Parasitic Worms

  • Oval shape with one side flattened, causing intense itching and inflammation in the anal or vaginal area
  • Barrel-shaped or football-shaped with a hyaline polar plug at each end
  • Eggs may have a cortical layer (corticated) or not (decorticated), both in unfertilized and fertilized states

Buccal Cavity and Esophagus Characteristics

  • Long buccal cavity is associated with a small genital primordium
  • Short buccal cavity is associated with a prominent genital primordium
  • Short esophagus is a characteristic feature
  • Long esophagus is accompanied by a notched tail
  • Pointed tail is a distinct morphological feature

Identify the causes and symptoms of oval-shaped skin lesions that are one-side flattened and accompanied by intense itching and inflammation in the ano-genital area. Test your knowledge of dermatology and diagnose the condition. Learn about the possible treatments and preventive measures.

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