Sissy's Father Missing at Pegasus's Arms

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Who is Signor Jupe, as mentioned in the text?

Sissy's father

What is Mr. E.W.B. Childers known for in the circus troupe?

Daring vaulting act as a wild huntsman

Where did Sissy go in search of her father?


Who assists Mr. E.W.B. Childers at his performances in the circus?

A diminutive boy with an old face

What do the eight or nine little children do in the circus?

Perform the parts of fairies

Why did Signor Jupe abandon his daughter according to Mr. E.W.B. Childers?

He wasn't performing his clown's part satisfactorily

Who owns the circus as mentioned in the text?

Mr. Sleary

'With their two or three husbands, and their two or three mothers' - What does this phrase imply about the circus performers?

They work together as a family unit in the troupe

Study Notes

Characters and Their Roles

  • Signor Jupe is a member of the circus troupe and is Sissy's father.
  • Mr. E.W.B. Childers is a renowned mesmerist in the circus troupe.

Sissy's Search

  • Sissy goes to the circus in search of her father, Signor Jupe.

Performances and Assistants

  • Mr. E.W.B. Childers performs with the assistance of his aides.
  • The eight or nine little children in the circus participate in Mr. E.W.B. Childers' performances.

Signor Jupe's Abandonment

  • According to Mr. E.W.B. Childers, Signor Jupe abandoned his daughter, Sissy, in a state of intoxication.

Circus Ownership

  • The circus is owned by Mr. Sleary.

Circus Performers' Lifestyle

  • The phrase 'with their two or three husbands, and their two or three mothers' implies that the circus performers, particularly the women, often have complex and unconventional family lives.

Follow along as Sissy and two gentlemen search for her father, Signor Jupe, who is not at his lodgings in the public-house Pegasus's Arms. Discover the events that unfold as they try to locate him.

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