Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Summary

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Who steps forward to take the challenge after the Green Knight mocks Arthur's silence?

Sir Gawain

What is the name of the figure who challenges the group at King Arthur's court?

The Green Knight

What does the Green Knight allow the challenger to do with his axe?

Strike him with it

In what condition does the Green Knight ask the challenger to find him in exactly one year?

At the Green Chapel

How does Sir Gawain feel after the Green Knight leaves?


What does the headless Green Knight do before riding away?

Picks up his severed head

What is the main reason for Sir Gawain's uneasiness after the Green Knight leaves?

Because he realizes the gravity of the pact he has made with the Green Knight

What does King Arthur do when the Green Knight mocks his silence?

He hesitates but ultimately steps forward to take the challenge

What is the significance of Sir Gawain cutting off the Green Knight's head in one deadly blow?

It fulfills a requirement of the challenge set by the Green Knight

Why does the Green Knight pick up his severed head before riding away?

To remind Sir Gawain of the terms of the pact

What does the Green Knight challenge King Arthur's court to do during his unexpected visit?

To find him in exactly one year to receive a blow in return

Why does Sir Gawain step forward to take the challenge after King Arthur hesitates?

To prove his loyalty and bravery to King Arthur

Test your knowledge of the classic medieval tale 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight' with this quiz. Explore the plot, characters, and themes of this renowned Arthurian legend.

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