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When does Gawain leave Arthur's court?


What color is Gawain's armor according to the text?

Gold and red

What appears on the outside of Gawain's shield according to the text?

A pentagon shape

What route does Gawain follow according to the text?

To the North of Wales

What does Gawain fear he will miss on December 24 according to the text?

His date of death

How is Gawain received in the castle according to the text?

With open arms

What two women does Gawain meet after evensong according to the text?

The Queen and her lady in waiting

Why does the poem begin with the Trojan War instead of King Arthur or Sir Gawain?

To introduce the theme of battle and heroism

What season of the year is it when the actual story begins?


Why is the season significant in the story?

It celebrates the new year

What night is it when the main events of Part 1 take place (line 60)?

New Year's Eve

Why won't Arthur eat his dinner yet?

He wants to send a knight on a quest

What is the most unusual thing about the man who rides into the hall?

His green attire

How does the man behave when he enters the hall?

He is arrogant and confident

What animal does the lord hunt on the first day?

A Dow/Deer, sweet and gentle

What does Gawain pretend to do while he is still in bed?


What does the lady seem to have in mind when she uses a metaphor in lines 1210 ff?

A romantic relationship

What does the lord give Gawain when he returns home on the first day?

A green girdle

What animal does the lord hunt on the second day?

A wild boar, wild and aggressive

What does the lady complain about on the second day?

Gawain not falling in love with her

What does the lord give Gawain when he returns home on the second day?

A green girdle

Which color is associated with the Green Knight?


What does Gawain do when the Green Knight raises the ax for the first time?

He flinches

What happens when the Green Knight raises the ax for the third time?

He makes a small cut on Gawain's neck

How does the Green Knight judge Gawain's performance during his tests?

He considers it a failure

Who is the old woman at the castle?

The lord's wife (queen)

What does the old woman want to do to Arthur's knights?

Test their chivalry

What does Gawain do with the girdle?

He wears it as a reminder

What is Gawain's attitude when he returns to court?


What does the court do about the girdle?

They take it away from Gawain

Test your knowledge on the medieval poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" with this quiz! Explore the events surrounding Gawain's encounter with the Green Knight and his interactions with the lord. Discover how Gawain responds to the lord's arrangements for their next day together and find out what animal the lord hunts on the first day. Challenge yourself and see how well you remember this classic tale of chivalry and honor.

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