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What type of volcanic eruption is characterized by the extrusion of lava, broken rocks, lava bombs, fine ash, and dust?

Effusive eruption

Which type of lava flow can range from being extremely thick and viscous to highly fluid?

Pahoehoe flow

What are pyroclastic flows composed of?

Rocks and volcanic gas

Which type of volcanic mudflow is associated directly with the eruption?

Primary lahar

What characterizes volcanic bombs?

Large boulders with a mass of several metric tons

What is the main composition of volcanic gases that contribute to global warming?

$H_2O$ and $CO_2$

What geographical region is known for its effusive volcanic eruptions often characterized by gentle lava flows?


Which term describes hot bursts of trapped gases that rapidly move into the atmosphere?


Which type of volcanic mudflow is induced by heavy rainfall rather than direct eruption activities?

Secondary lahar

What causes pyroclastic surges to be less dense than pyroclastic flows?

Higher gas content in surges

Test your knowledge on the destructive eruptions of Sinabung Volcano in Indonesia, known for producing fluidized slurries that flow at high velocities. Learn about the Plinian type of volcanic eruptions characterized by excessively explosive events with tall gas, rock particles, and ash columns.

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