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What is the purpose of Thermogravimetry (TG) in thermal analysis?

To study the changes in mass of a sample with temperature

What technique is used to observe diffraction in thin films?

Powder X-ray Diffractometer

Which instrument is used for Physisorption, Chemisorption, and Temperature Programmed Reduction among others?

Autosorb iQ

What does Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) measure in thermal analysis?

Heat flow in a sample

Which instrument can be used to measure trace metal concentration up to ppb levels?

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

What does a Universal Testing Machine (UTM) typically measure?

Physical properties of materials under tension, compression, or bending

What is the recommended practice for thermal experiments regarding TGA and DSC tests on new materials?

Always perform a TGA experiment before starting DSC tests

How does using fine grained powder impact thermal experiments?

Improves equilibrium conditions and contact area

Why is it important to have the time at any temperature sufficiently long during thermal experiments?

To allow completeness of reactions

What negative impact can evaporation have on thermal measurements?

Incorrect measurement of enthalpy and contamination of instrument

What is the purpose of applying current to the meter movement in the balance?

To maintain the balance at the null position

How does the chemical nature and flow of purge gas impact TGA data?

Significantly influences TGA data

How can the onset and offset points be identified in the analysis of TGA data?

By drawing tangents of the curve

What does a TGA curve represent when there is no mass change over the entire range of temperature?

No mass change

Why is regular calibration extremely important in thermal experiments?

To maintain accuracy of measurements

In the context of TGA curves, what does a large mass loss followed by a mass plateau indicate?

Similar to Multistage Decomposition

What is the product of the 3rd step in Calcium Oxalate decomposition according to the text?

Calcium Oxide

What component contributes the highest weight percentage in the TGA sample of calcium oxalate?

Carbon Dioxide

What type of events can be differentiated using simultaneous DSC-TGA?

Events with weight loss and events without weight loss

What is observed and corrected during TGA weight calibration using standard weights?

Drift in weight as a function of temperature

Which materials are used for temperature calibration in DSC Heat Flow & Cell Constant Calibration?

High purity metal standards like Zinc, Indium, Gold

What is the purpose of comparing the experimentally observed Heat of Fusion with the literature value?

To check the accuracy of the calibration

Which parameter is measured during Cell Constant Calibration with a DSC?

Heat flow response of a DSC

How can artefacts be identified in thermal analysis?

By using baseline empty pan runs

How should sample with unknown decomposition products be handled?

Studied carefully so that all evolved gases can be removed safely

What precautions should be taken with crucible size, shape, and material during measurements?

Ensure they do not affect the measurements

What does recording the melting endotherm of a high-purity standard material help determine?

The enthalpy of melting of the standard material

Which source provides information on Differential Thermal Analysis?

Mackenzie, Differential Thermal Analysis, Academic Press

Where can one find information on Microscopic and Spectroscopic Methods?

MATERIALS CHARACTERIZATION Introduction to Microscopic and Spectroscopic Methods by Yang Leng

Test your knowledge on Simultaneous DSC-TGA (SDT) analysis, which measures heat flow and weight changes simultaneously. Explore topics such as instrument design, calibration, and what can be inferred from the obtained data.

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