Significant Figures - Jose Rizal - Bloodless Revolution Quiz

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Noli me Tangere was inspired by the book __________'s Cabin

Uncle Tom

The book El Filibusterismo was inspired by the death of __________


El Filibusterismo aims to reform the current __________ system during Spanish colonization


Rizal was exiled in __________ due to suspicions of his involvement in the rebellion


Andres Bonifacio founded the __________


Emilio Aguinaldo - First elected president of the ______


Governor-General Izquierdo - Governed Cavite during -


The Black Nazarene was carved by an unknown Mexican from dark wood in the ______ ______ in Mexico

16th century

The increased use of Spanish throughout the islands led to the formation of a class of Spanish-speaking intellectuals called the ______


Spanish was an official language of the Philippines from the beginning of Spanish rule in ______ to a constitutional change in ______


Test your knowledge on the significant role of Jose Rizal in the bloodless revolution against the Spaniards by unveiling the harsh practices faced by the Filipino populace through his book Noli me Tangere. Explore how Noli me Tangere was inspired by anti-slavery literature and its impact on sparking a worldwide revolution, dedicated to enlightening the minds of Filipinos about their mistreatment.

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